Gun Safety is Being Made a Priority in Alabama

Gun Safety is a very important topic for a citizen in Montgomery, Alabama. The citizen’s name is Nicole Price and she is a leader for Project Childsafe, which encourages teaching our children about gun safety.  She operates a local gun store and she is also a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Mrs.Price has been a pioneer for bringing Project Childsafe to Montgomery. Since she is also a mother she sees the great importance of teaching our children about these things. She knew that this project was vital for her community after she said “I decided that their information and ease about communicating gun safety to people was something our community needed.” The courses that they provide take place one Saturday of every month and they cost $10. The classes consist of a mix between an in class setting and the other taking place at a firing range. 

Gun range classes give students first hand experience to better understand gun safety.

Project Childsafe will ge people a hands on experience.


Besides the gun safety courses that this project offers they also give out gun  locks to people who own guns. Mrs. Price found out that many people did not know the proper ways to keep their firearms secure. She  said  “Once we showed them the ease of the cable lock and other devices, people were thankful for the free lock, an easy way to keep their gun safe from inappropriate users.” The gun locks that are being provided by the project make it so that guns are inoperable when the lock is on it.

Efforts to educate children about gun safety are always great to see and they should be practiced all over the world. We can hope that programs like this will help to keep our young children aware of the risks involved with guns and also understand the proper ways to use guns.

If you wish to hear more about Mrs.Price and her Project Childsafe than you can check that out here.

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Gun Thefts Becoming an Epidemic in Mississippi

As of recently, gun thefts have increased nationwide because of the high price that guns are going for on the black market. This increase in gun thefts have encouraged federal firearm agents to believe that stolen guns are one of the biggest threats in the nation. Mississippi has become one of the most targeted states for these thefts. In 2012, Mississippi ranked 9th nationwide for the most reported stolen firearms. These gun thefts have been affecting both gun owners and gun dealers.

Gun Thefts have become a very common in Mississippi

Here is a display of the assortment of guns stolen that were involved in gun trafficking cases

Mississippi had reported 3,439 guns stolen during 2012 with 592 of them being stolen from gun dealers. Most of the guns that were seized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) had their serial numbers erased off and were most likely involved in gun trafficking. Many of these gun owners fear how their stolen guns will be used. Joel Lee of the ATF mentioned that when he said “It’s a heavy burden for dealers and gun owners to know someone has stolen a firearm from them. It’s a worrying thing, wondering if a firearm you intended to sell, or bought for a collection piece or target shooting, will be used as a weapon of mass destruction.”

Many people inside the communities that have experienced gun thefts are happy to see the cooperation amongst each other. Mike Creel, a manager of Cook’s Gun Shop was happy with the support that he and the store received after dealing with two break ins. He says that “We put it on Facebook, with the guns’ serial numbers, and in less than 24 hours, almost 11,000 people had seen that post.”

With the huge increase in gun thefts nationwide it is vital that we as Americans begin to keep our guns in safes and make sure that they are always protected and secure. If guns were kept in safes it would make it much more difficult for these criminals to steal the guns and it would lower the amount of gun thefts that take place.

If you want to hear more about the stolen guns in Mississippi than you can check it out here.


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North Carolina Introduces Gun Safety Camps for Kids

Surf City, North Carolina is establishing gun safety camps that will look to educate children about the proper ways to handle a gun. They also are informing these kids about the risks that are involved with guns by teaching them the specifics of them. The camp is set to begin July 28 and end on August 1 followed by one more gun safety camp starting on August 11 and and ending August 15.

The gun safety camp will be hosted by the Surf City Parks and Recreations, with help through the cooperation of many local groups. The main partners involved are the local law enforcement, a local gun store and some members of the NRA.  Surf City Parks and Recreations Director Kristie Grubb said ” We are excited to partner with local businesses such as Surf City Guns, to offer this first-time, unique camp and play a role in developing safe practices with firearms.”

A Gun Safety camp counselor teaching kids about the specifics of guns.

A Gun Safety camp counselor teaching kids about the specifics of guns.

They will be teaching these children in a classroom setting about the basics of pistols and rifles. Throughout the camp there will also be hands on demonstrations that the children will be a part of.  On the final day of the camp the children will be given the opportunity of going to a gun range to safely fire a Ruger pistol and use all of their new knowledge in a real life situation. Kristie Grubb also said “Our hopes are to teach gun safety and responsibility to our area kids in hopes to prevent accidents with guns now and in the future.” when she was discussing her aspirations for the gun safety camp.

There is no better way to teach people about the risks of guns than by teaching them about it at a young age. We should all have high hopes for this gun safety camp because it is great to see people teaching these things to children. We’d also love to see this gun safety camp instituted all over the US if successful. It’s always much easier to teach a child gun safety than to reprimand them after an accident has occurred.

If you wish to hear more about Surf City’s gun safety camps you can find the original article here.


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Australian Government Aims to Curb Gun Thefts

Australia has launched a national program that hopes to crackdown on the amount of illegal guns that are in circulation in the country’s black market. The program entitled Operation Unification hopes to cut down the large amount of gun thefts that occur in the country. This operation is seeing its first light in the state of New South Wales.

Last year alone police report that around 555 firearms were reported stolen in New South Wales alone. A large majority of the gun that are reported stolen are rifles and shotguns. Most of the reported incidents of gun theft occur in the rural parts of the state, which are the northern and western regions.

A majority of guns on the black market come from gun thefts.

There is a large black market for all different types of guns.

Most of the guns that are taken during gun thefts are being sold on the local black markets, with only a small percentage of the guns being used to commit crimes. The rifles and shotguns fetch a very high price on the black market and that helps to explain the large amount of gun thefts that occur in this state. When speaking of the increase in the black market gun trade the Northern Region Commander, Assistant Commissioner Jeff Loy said “It’s not so much that there’s the gun trade as we see in the movies and things, this is the day-to-day people that take advantage to make and earn, to actually sell these firearms that are taken from these properties.” He also mentions the importance of keeping your guns locked up and protected so that they do not become another statistic of gun thefts.

With gun thefts increasing not only in Australia but also worldwide, it is encouraging to see things that work to lower the amount that occur. It is so important to make sure that your guns are protected and being stored in proper storage units.

If you wish to learn more about Operation Unification or about how it turns out than you can find all of that here.

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Michigan County Hopes to Reduce Gun Violence by Hosting a Gun Safety Week

A county in Michigan is getting ready for a Gun Safety week that they intend to help  reduce gun violence.  The county of Washtenaw are hoping that this week will decrease the amount of gun violence in the area by promoting the importance of keeping all guns locked up and protected. The various agencies of the county have all come together to help promoting ways to reduce gun violence.

During a public conference officials spoke about the fact that The United States has a much larger amount of gun violence in comparison to countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Australia. They worry that if we do not continue to promote Gun Safety than the amount of gun violence in our nation could spiral out of control.  The county officials mentioned that “in 2010, about 30,000 people died in the U.S. from gun violence and nearly 60,000 suffered non-fatal, gun-related injuries.” With numbers as big as these they believe that we must do whatever we can to help lower it and they believe this Gun Safety week will help to do that.

A gun being locked up properly helps to reduce gun violence.

Gun being locked up properly a cable style gun lock.

During the conference they also brought up the danger posed to children when guns are not stored properly. They estimated that “more than 2 million children live in homes with unsecured guns in the U.S.” During their Gun Safety week the Washtenaw law enforcement agencies will be handing out free gun locks in the hopes of lowering the number of unsecured guns within people’s homes. Police Chief Gary Schnerlinck was honored to be apart of helping reduce gun violence and when talking about the gun safety week he said “Gun security and safety is an excellent preventative tool when it comes to the overall health and safety of our communities.” 

Events like these no matter how small or big they may be, are always good to hear about because everyone must know the risks behind guns and the importance of storing them properly.

If you wish to hear more about Washtenaw County and their Gun Safety week you can find the full article here.

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A New Utah Bill Looks To Encourage Gun Safety By Offering Free Gun Locks

An interesting new bill has been starting to be talked about by members of Utah’s House of Representatives and Senate. This new bill is HB134 and it aims to promote gun safety and help prevent suicides. This bill will offer citizens free gun locks and will also be handing out rebate vouchers from $10 to $200 for people who are buying gun safes.GunLock

This bill has been brought to Utah’s congress by Representative Steve Eliason, R- Sandy, who says that “while lawmakers cannot alter many factors affecting suicide, they can work on gun safety.” He hopes that giving out these gun locks will encourage people to keep their guns locked up and in turn this will help to lower the amount of suicides. Rep. Eliason mentioned that the state will be partnering with the Utah Shooting Sports Council and they will provide the citizens with their free gun locks.

Not only will this law deal with providing these gun locks to citizens but it will also reach out to various gun safety groups. This bill will have groups that provide information about suicide prevention, gun safety and health  care to hand out gun safety pamphlets and gun locks.

Opponents to this bill worry that it will allow the government to know all of the citizens who own guns in the sate of Utah. The opponents do not want the state to have a register of all the gun owners throughout the state. The Representative’s response to this argument was that , “We’re not in any way trying to restrict anyone’s gun ownership. The bill is trying simply to promote responsible storage.”

No matter what way this bill goes in Utah’s congress it is important we do whatever we can to help teach everyone how to properly store and operate guns. If we continue to educate about gun safety than we can help to make the United States a much safer place.

If you wish to learn more about this bill or how it goes in Utah’s Legislature you can check out the full article here.



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Pennsylvanian Bill Aims to Promote Gun Safety by Eliminating Sales Tax

Recently a bill was brought up in the Pennsylvanian state legislature that would eliminate the sales tax on the purchase of gun safes and gun locks. The bill was introduced by Representative Fred Keller, R-Union, who believes that this bill will encourage gun safety in the area by allowing people to purchase the safes and locks without having to pay the state’s 6% sales tax. The bill passed the House Finance Committee and it will soon see itself being voted on by the whole Pennsylvanian House of Representatives.

Pennsylvanian law looks to get rid of sales tax on gun safes.

Pennsylvanian law looks to get rid of sales tax on gun safes.

However the bill is facing some resistance in the state’s House of Representatives. One of the main contenders to this bill is Representative Phyllis Mundy, D-Luzerne, she believes that the money is not there for the state to be doing tax exemptions like this. The main factor in her no vote is the budget troubles the state is currently facing. The state is currently facing a $1 billion shortfall in revenue entering the next fiscal year. However Representative Mundy acknowledged the potential of the bill to improve gun safety when she said,  “In the best of all possible worlds, if you have money to spend to meet our obligations, I might be a yes. But today I’m going to be a no.”

Representative Keller’s response to the budget shortfall is “I look at it as an investment in safety and what price tag do you want to put on safety?”

No matter the outcome of this bill, we all must do what we can to promote gun safety and make sure they are educated about the risks of guns. The more people that know about guns the safer they can be. In the end all that we can do is work toward an environment that prides itself in promoting gun safety.

If you want to learn more about the bill or the status of it’s progress you can check out the full article here.

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Jewelry Safe in Missouri holds a tear gas canister

Video Clip courtesy in Springfield, Missouri

It seems that a jewelry safe that a locksmith was changing the combination on in Monett, Missouri held a surprise for the locksmith. It was booby trapped with a tear gas canister that was installed to go off in case someone tried to drill the safe open. In the early 1900′s these canisters were added to safes to help deter break-in.

Amsec TL-30x6 jewelry safe

The Amsec TL-30×6 Jewelry safe is for home or commercial use.

When someone drilled into the safe and hit the canister and broke it, it released tear gas which caused a burning sensation, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, and chest pain. It is much more potent then today’s tear gas is.

Jewelry safe is dis-armed by Fire Department

The Springfield fire department came out and took the device to the dump where they detonated the CS gas and it was vaporized. It caused no problems and was harmless the way they released it.

If you have an antique safe, and it has an added to the back of the door, call an expert to have them remove it. You can read the whole story at the website.

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Controversial Law Forces Gun Owners to Keep Their Guns in a Gun Safe

Gun Safe

New Australian law requires guns to be locked in a gun safe.

Over these past few months gun rights have been a hot bed of conversation in the United States. However it seems as if it is being brought up much more often internationally especially with the institution of Operation Gun Safe in Busselton, Australia. With the countless debates between anti gun control and pro gun control sides here in the United States, it is not surprising to see this topic gain world recognition and this law in Australia will surely prove to be a big part of the ongoing debate about gun rights.

Operation Gun Safe will consist of police going to the houses of all registered gun owners and making sure that they are complying with this new law. The law states that firearms must be kept in a gun safe that meet the law’s requirements. The main goal behind this operation is to minimize the theft of firearms and make sure that they are kept in a gun safe. The other goals would be to check that the guns would be kept in a good working condition and that all stolen or lost weapons are reported to the police.

The Senior Sergeant of the Busselton Police Department Steve Principe an advocate for the law said ” We want to educate people to ensure that firearms are kept in a safe and secure environment.”

Principe believes that this law will truly help keep communities safe. He illustrates this belief when he stated that ” We don’t want to punish people; we just want to ensure that the safety of the community is paramount.”

After having 11  firearms stolen in Busselton last year, advocates of the law are hoping that the integration of this law will drastically cut that down. They believe that this law, requiring guns to be locked in a gun safe and ensuring that all guns are accounted for will increase the safety of the whole community.

Ultimately we do not know how this law will affect gun thefts in the area until it comes to a conclusion this upcoming October, however we do know that this law can only help increase the number of guns being locked up in a gun safe and ultimately the safety of the community. Stay tuned for more information regarding Operation Gun Safe and it’s relative successes or failures.

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Pistol Door Kit by Stealth Safe

Stealth Safe Pistol door kit

The Stealth Safe pistol door kit gives you 5 pistol holsters and 2 three pocket mesh holders.

Did you ever want more room in your safe? This pistol door kit by Stealth Safe gives you five fully adjustable holsters and two three pocket mesh pouches to organize your smaller items, handguns and pistols. The Velcro™ panel is 13.5″ wide by 43″ long and will fit on the inside of the door of most 60″ to 72″ safes.

Features of this Pistol Door Kit

It has both thin clips and thick clips which will fit any door that has a panel that is screwed to the outside of the frame of the door.  The base of the unit is the fabric side of the Velcro™ material and the accessories have the hook portion. You can re-arrange the items as you choose to avoid hitting shelves and uprights in your safe.

It is a neutral grey and the pistol holsters are black and mesh pouches are dark grey. It is made in the U.S.A. and this pistol door kit will make your life easier. Click here for more information.

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